When you can consistently generate one month’s salary from trading, you achieve financial freedom!

Gary Leung, Founder of TF3


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When you can consistently generate one month’s salary from trading, you achieve financial freedom!

Gary Leung, Founder of TF3


Imagine how life would be if you didn’t have to rely on your salary for a living! You don’t have to suffer from the pressure from your work or boss! You can quit anytime you want because you have achieved financial freedom!

TF3 is here to empower you to pursue a new path towards financial freedom!

Managing your money isn’t that difficult

Why do you need professional money managers? With the proper training and tools, you can be a professional too! 

Did you know that the annualized return (after inflation) of the “professionally-managed” MPF was only 2.5% since launch.  With the right training, you can identify the right market, sector, and stock to outperform the market.

No stock tips needed

“What? No stock tips?” Absolutely!

Why do you need them when you can learn how to develop your trade ideas?

There are shortcuts to read the money flow, form your view, and scan the stocks to implement your investment ideas and we can teach you how.

Trade like a pro!

Exchange floor traders don’t have the time to study the fundamentals, nor would they rely on any trading tips. Instead, they have their professional ways to make money consistently from the market.

TF3 can show you how.

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Who we are

At TF3, we believe that retail investors can develop the ability to manage their own money and achieve financial freedom. We aim to empower you with the strategies which professional floor traders use. By learning the disciplined ways of trading, you could generate extra income. Only when you can consistently generate a month’s salary from trading, can you confidently declare; “I’m financially free!”



Gary Leung

Gary Leung, the founder of TF3, is a 30-year investment veteran. Before founding TF3, Gary was the CEO of TD Ameritrade Hong Kong. He has gained extensive investment knowledge in leading roles in major financial institutions such as Citibank, JP Morgan Asset Management, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China. 

Gary’s passion for trading and sharing his experience to help others inspired him to found TF3.

Media Hits​

Gary is a popular guest for the major local media. He frequently appears on TV networks and in newspapers to share his market insights.

He is currently a Hong Kong Economic Journal columnist and shares his market outlook and trading strategies fortnightly. Click here to view his articles.


What will you learn?

Through 10 lessons from two modules, you will learn how professional traders manage their money.

Small-group in-person or online lessons will be conducted instead of mass webcasts to ensure a high level of interaction .

Each cohort will also join a chat group with assignments given. Throughout the course, participants will have to practice what they’ve learnt by placing “paper trades”.

Basic Module

Lesson 1

Trading for financial freedom

  • When can I achieve financial freedom
  • Trading vs long-term investing
  • Trading is your business
  • Seven common trading mistakes
Lesson 2
Trading discipline & market analysis

  • Two trading principles
    • 1% rule
    • High probability trades
  • Forming your view using intermarket analysis
Lesson 3
Analyzing stocks

  • Fundamental analysis
    • Value vs growth investing
  • Technical analysis
    • Reading charts (Part I)

Lesson 4

Five steps before opening a position

  • Technical analysis
    • Reading charts (Part II)
  • Five steps before opening position

Trading trilogy

  • Identifying entry point
  • Identifying exit point
  • Managing changes

Lesson 5

Entry & exit signals

  • Bullish & bearish candlestick patterns
    • Bullish / bearish engulfing
    • Hammer / shooting star
    • Doji
    • Morning star / evening star

Lesson 6

Entry & exit signals

  • Chart patterns – bullish setups
  • Chart patterns – bearish setups

Setting up your trading systems

  • Trade checklist
  • Trade diary
  • Trading platform
  • Trading simulation
  • Performance review
  • Back-testing

Advanced Module

Lesson 7

Strategies under different market situations

  • Option gives you more options

Basic option knowledge

  • Option pricing
  • ITM vs OTM vs ATM

Lesson 8

Basic option knowledge

  • Option Greeks

Basic option strategies

  • Buy call – limiting your downside for upside potential
  • Cash-secured put – lowering your entry cost

Lesson 9

Basic option strategies

  • Protective put – hedging your existing positions
  • Covered call – generating extra income
  • Short put + covered call – “long-term investment” for traders
  • Naked call – strategy for down market
Advanced option strategies
  • Short put vertical –  risk-defined for bullish market

Lesson 10

Advanced option strategies

  • Short call vertical  risk-defined for bearish market
  • Collar  safeguard your profit when volatility rises
  • Long & short Straddle  strategies for earnings season
  • Iron condor  generating income in sideway market


What will you get on top of this?

In addition to the knowledge from the two modules, you will also get the necessary tools to help you manage your money:

  • Financial freedom calculator
  • Stock scanners
  • Trade checklists
  • Position size calculator
  • Trade diary sample
  • Periodic market commentary


Who should enroll?
(& who shouldn’t?)

This new plan is designed to reduce the average cost of a Make School Education while preserving the core protections of ISAs – if you don’t have a job after Make School, you should not have to pay until you are employed.

You SHOULD enroll if you want to:

  • Achieve financial freedom through trading
  • Manage your money in a professional way
  • Treat your trading seriously like running your own business
  • Learn trading the professional way

You SHOULD NOT enroll if you want to:

  • Turn your $100,000 into $1,000,000 in three months
  • Discover the next home-running meme stock like AMC or GME
  • Get hot tips for winning trades
  • Not learn trading the professional way


Our students create a vibrant and inclusive community

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